We develop marketing-oriented web applications, allowing our customers to deliver without struggling with technical or design flaws.

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Conversion Statistics Example

Results are better than Vanity Metrics

Metrics are hollow without results, that’s why we build things thinking of targets and not vanity metrics. You won’t get anywhere if you care more about number of visits rather than number of prospects.

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Productivity is the Key to Success

There exists many tools to build websites, track visitors and so on. However, most of them require some technical knowledge in order to obtain the expected results. We provide ready-to-use solutions for professionals who create and maintain websites, people who may or may not have advanced programming skills. Our goal is to help our customers increase productivity and profits, by reducing the time they spend struggling with technical and design issues.

Open Source Code Example

Open Source is our Mantra

We believe in open source, we love to share, to contribute with the community. After all, openness is what makes Internet so powerful. That’s why our customers own what they pay for, we don’t obfuscate or encrypt our code, they are free to modify and adapt it to their needs. If someone finds our code useful they’re welcome to use it, new customers will find their way to us. We provide something copy pasters don’t, an elite customer service, that’s a promise.

We are two, but we are Strong

Chief Executive Officer & Founder | Blog: josesayago.com/blog

José Luis

Holds a Master I & a Master II degrees in Applied Foreign Languages with specialization in e-Commerce, a Professional Bachelor in Internet and Mobile Medias as well as a Bachelor in Informatics and an e-Learning Diploma. He speaks fluently Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.

He’s passionate about reading, learning and sharing information. He is an experienced systems administrator, developer, free software instructor and web consultant. WordPress is his CMS of choice, if you need consulting advice or training with WordPress, this is the guy you are looking for.

In his (almost inexistent) free time he likes to play online games, listening to music and watch anime series. He also enjoys to help people with technical issues. A perfectionist geek, who can’t sleep until technical issues are solved. Yeah that’s the best picture he could find »

José de Jesús SAYAGO ROJAS
Chief Design Officer | Portfolio: josedejesus.me

José de Jesús

Finishing his degree in Graphics Design at The University of Los Andes (Venezuela), he’s passionate about digital design, with special interest in web design. He has also knowledge in print design and production, illustration and page layout. He has experience shooting products and nature photography.

From logo, corporate identity, advertising, printing, photography to web design, he has an innate sense of perspective. He also speaks fluently Spanish (mother tongue) and English. His favorite hobby is playing video games which inspires some of his work.

« Of course he didn’t took that picture.

Things we are proud of

Logo Fundación Sanando

Fundación Sanando

We love what this nonprofit organization does in order to help people in need. They donate medicine, medical supplies and volunteer medical help for the poor. That’s why we decided to give them not only hosting but technical support, we created and maintain their official website and also run eMarketing campaigns in order to get their message to the world.

Website: http://fundacion-sanando.org

Distribuidora Seral, C.A.

Distribuidora Seral, C.A.

It is a local food and beverage supplier for which we have created its branding, corporate identity and official website.

We provide hosting, technical support and maintenance. We also provide direction and support for their online and offline marketing efforts.

Website: http://disseralca.com

Single Latest Posts

Single Latest Posts Logo

This is our first WordPress premium plugin, it allow bloggers to pull and display recent posts in a more efficient way. It includes a lot of features like caching, classic and client-side pagination, sorting, etc. If you use WordPress this plugin is something you’ll certainly find useful, check the examples and buy it in our store: http://single-latest-posts.laelitenetwork.com

There is also its lite version which you can download for free from the WordPress directory, it already counts more than 4500 downloads, if you want to try what Single Latest Posts is capable of, the free version is a great start. Download it now: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/single-latest-posts-lite/

Network Latest Posts

Network Latest Posts Logo

This was our first plugin contribution to the official WordPress directory, it allow bloggers to pull and display recent posts from all blogs in a WordPress Network. If you have ever used a WordPress Network (Multi-sites), you already know there is no way to display recent posts across the entire network. Good news, this plugin is what you need to do that.

It is a great success counting more than 17400 downloads, installed in small and big WordPress Networks. Used by people with basic and advanced programming skills from all around the world. If you manage a WordPress Network, give it a try, download it from the official WordPress directory: http://wordpress.org/plugins/network-latest-posts/

We develop our branding, websites, and software. Don’t let our funny pictures fool you, we are very serious about doing business.

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